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Your Ultimate Guide to China's Historic Capital
Discover the magic of Beijing, where ancient history and cutting-edge modernity blend seamlessly. This guide unravels the city's best-kept secrets, from food to hidden gems.
Jorden Daffer
8 min read

A city where the ancient and the ultra-modern coexist in a fascinating dance of opposites. If you’re reading this, congratulations, you're one step closer to immersing yourself in a culture where every corner whispers tales of dynastic history and where technological advancements are juxtaposed against traditions that date back millennia. Beijing has been the capital of China through various dynasties, and its storied past is not just confined to museums but is well-imbued in the everyday life of its people. Even as the city's skyscrapers reach for the clouds, the legacy of emperors and artisans still lingers at ground level.

Where to Stay Becomes the First Chapter of Your Adventure

Choosing the right location to stay in Beijing can make or break your travel experience. Consider staying near the city center in areas like the Dongcheng and Xicheng districts, where most historical sites like the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square are situated. These areas are not only rich in attractions but also offer convenient public transport options, making them ideal for first-time visitors. If you're traveling with family, the Chaoyang District provides a bit more space and several kid-friendly activities, such as parks and interactive museums. For accommodations, international platforms like Ctrip and are commonly used, but local platforms like Fliggy might offer better deals, so diversify your search.

Sightseeing in Beijing is a Journey Through Time

Beijing is a paradise for sightseers, blending history, culture, and modernity in a unique way that few other cities manage. The Forbidden City, a sprawling palace complex, offers a glimpse into imperial life, while the Summer Palace provides a natural escape within the city. These are must-see places if you’re a history buff. For families, attractions like the Beijing Zoo, which features the beloved giant pandas, and the Happy Valley amusement park are crowd-pleasers. For a different sort of family fun, the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall offers cable car rides. Modern attractions like the 798 Art Zone, a haven for contemporary art, complete the sightseeing package.


Photo by zhang kaiyv on Unsplash

Navigate Your Way Through the Best and Worst Times to Visit

Navigating the best and worst times to visit Beijing is essential for a smoother trip. National holidays, especially the Golden Week in October, are a definite no-go unless you enjoy being pushed through attractions like a glob of human toothpaste. Weather-wise, spring and autumn offer the most agreeable conditions. During these seasons, the city comes to life with blooming flowers and falling leaves, providing a picturesque backdrop for your adventures. Winters are cold but less crowded, giving you more room to explore, while summers can be hot and, surprisingly for many, also crowded.


Photo by Shio Yang on Unsplash

Accommodation Deals Come to Those Who Book Smartly

If you’re keen on finding the best deals on accommodations, start looking a couple of months in advance, especially during peak seasons. Many hotels offer early bird discounts, making it worth your while to plan ahead. Hotel prices in Beijing can vary greatly depending on the time of year and location, so shop around. If you're willing to take a risk, last-minute bookings can yield good deals, but they are a gamble. Checking local platforms for flash deals or special discounts can sometimes save the day.


Photo by zhang kaiyv on Unsplash

In Beijing, Early Birds and Smart Planners Beat the Queues

While no one enjoys waiting in long lines, there are several ways to minimize your time in queues. For attractions like the Forbidden City, the simplest trick is to arrive early. If you're not a morning person, consider guided tours that often offer quicker entry or even skip-the-line options. For the Great Wall, lesser-known sections like Jinshanling or Jiankou offer equally breathtaking views but with fewer tourists. Using a tour service can sometimes offer you expedited entry, saving you both time and the stress of navigating the crowds.

You Don’t Need a Yuan to Enjoy These Free Wonders

While Beijing offers numerous paid attractions, there are also free wonders to explore. The Temple of Heaven Park allows free access to its outer areas, offering you a serene escape within the city. The ancient hutongs, narrow lanes that provide a glimpse into old Beijing, are another free yet priceless experience. Strolling through these lanes will give you a sense of how life has been lived for centuries in this sprawling metropolis. And if you’re an early riser, you can even catch free tai chi classes often held in public parks.


Photo by zhang kaiyv on Unsplash

Elevate Your Experience with Unforgettable Views in the City

Beijing offers a variety of spots for breathtaking city views. The Central Television Tower offers a panoramic outlook from its observation deck. Alternatively, Jingshan Park provides sweeping views of the Forbidden City and is an excellent spot for photography. While these vistas come with a small price tag, they offer a unique perspective of the city that you can't get elsewhere. Each viewpoint captures a different facet of Beijing, from its historical architecture to its modern skyscrapers, making each a unique experience worth the minimal entrance fee.

jingshan park, ancient towers, forest, park, nature

A Cultural Buffet Awaits Your Discovery

Beijing is a city where cultural experiences abound. From the traditional Beijing Opera, which offers a fascinating peek into Chinese storytelling and music, to modern art galleries, there's something for everyone. And don't be surprised if you're invited to join a spontaneous public square dance—it’s a local pastime that offers a different sort of cultural experience. Even the shopping areas like Wangfujing Street or the Silk Market can be a cultural expedition if you’re interested in local crafts and foods.


Photo by zhang kaiyv on Unsplash

Payment Flexibility Keeps Your Wallet Happy

While international credit cards like Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted in large establishments and hotels, smaller shops and restaurants may only accept cash. Digital payments are also ubiquitous, with WeChat Pay and Alipay being the most popular platforms. To make your life easier, consider setting up a digital payment account, but always keep some cash as a backup.


Photo by on Unsplash

Ride the Wave of Efficient Public Transport

Beijing's public transport network is extensive and generally reliable, making it a convenient option for getting around. The subway system can be a quick way to travel, but be prepared for extreme crowds during peak hours. Buses are another viable option but can be challenging for non-Mandarin speakers. Taxis are plentiful but make sure to have your destination written in Chinese as most drivers don’t speak English.


Photo by Karol Kaczorek on Unsplash

Choose Between Walking and Biking Based on Your Mood

Walking can be an excellent way to explore Beijing, especially when it comes to the city’s ancient hutongs and palatial complexes. Many of Beijing’s attractions are expansive and best explored on foot to capture their details. Biking is also an excellent choice, especially with the city’s bike-sharing programs. These bikes can be rented easily via an app and are a convenient and eco-friendly way to explore the city.


Photo by Everton Vila on Unsplash

The Hidden Gems That Most Tourists Overlook

For those looking to escape the typical tourist traps, Beijing offers several lesser-known attractions that are well worth a visit. The Lama Temple offers a peaceful and visually stunning glimpse into Tibetan Buddhism. The Ancient Observatory, often overlooked, provides a unique window into China's historical contributions to astronomy. These sites might not be on every travel brochure, but they offer a more nuanced view of Beijing's rich tapestry of history and culture.

observatory, dome, tall buildings, skyline

Gastronomic Adventures are a Highlight of Any Beijing Trip

Beijing offers an astonishing variety of culinary experiences, from traditional dishes to international cuisine. If you’re in Beijing, missing out on the famous Peking duck would be a sin. Restaurants like Quanjude offer an authentic experience of this delicacy. The Wangfujing Snack Street offers an eclectic mix of local treats and is a paradise for foodies. From high-end restaurants to bustling food stalls, the city’s culinary scene is a tantalizing blend of old and new, offering something for every palate.


Photo by Jay Wennington on Unsplash

Don't Forget the Plugs and Other Essentials

China uses Type A and Type I plugs, so it's advisable to carry an adapter. The air quality in Beijing can fluctuate, so a pollution mask is often recommended. It's not uncommon for levels to vary dramatically within a single day, so keeping a mask handy can be a good idea.


Photo by Ravi Sharma on Unsplash

Quick FAQ About Beijing Travel

Is a Visa Needed?

Most likely, check beforehand.

What is the Currency?

Renminbi (RMB or CNY)

Is Beijing Safe?

Generally safe but always exercise caution.

Is Tap Water Safe to Drink?

Not advisable to drink.

Where is the Best Shopping?

Wangfujing Street and Silk Market.

Is There a Language Barrier?

Yes, but manageable with a translation app.

Can I Get a Local SIM Card?

Easily available, but you'll need ID.

Is Wi-Fi Available?

Most places have it, but a VPN is often necessary for international sites.

Is Tipping Common?

Not a common practice.

Should I Carry Toilet Paper?

Carry your own; many public restrooms don’t provide it.

Jorden Daffer
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