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Astrology and Healing
The Ultimate path towards Health.
Yaashh Shah Numerology
2 min read

 Our Thoughts , Emotions,Beliefs and Perceptions can Regulate the flow of vitality or life force Known as Prana ( India) ,Chi( Chinese),Ki ( Japanese) and Stressful Thoughts, Emotions and Perception can block the Prana ... While Positieve and Healthy outlook towards life can Easily Maintain the Flow of Prana.. This is the Root of Reiki ,Pranic and Kinesiology...

Now if our prana is blocked due to negative emotions.. it Represents Certain body part.

Suppose.. My prana is blocked in my left leg. Now in Astrology legs are Represented by Saturn.. As per Numerology the Number of Saturn is 8. So we Can do Raiki and pranic Therapy to regulate the energy as well as we can say the person to do donation to old and needy people on Saturday.. so that ,with the flow of prana He or she can receive blessings of Saturn also.

That's how we can Connect Healing and occult for the overall betterment of person.

Body Parts Represents by Planets


Sun - Spine, Eyes, stomach and Heart

Moon- Chest,Lungs,Mind and Hormonal Flow.

Mars - Arms, Shoulders,Blood , Forehead

Mercury - Brain, Respiratory System, Speech issues

Jupiter - belly,Kidney, Liver and Thighs

Venus - Sexual And urinery organ, Throat

Saturn - Legs ,Knees

Rahu - Brain Cells, Nervous System,Hair

Ketu - Body cells,DNA





Positive : Upright, optimistic Straight back

Negitive : Dull,Pasimastic and , Dull body posture



Positive : Happy and Positive Mind, Creative thoughts

Negative: Dull Mind , Negative and Distorted thoughts



Positive : Enthusiastic, Disciplined Attitude

Negative- Angry and high Risk Taking Attitude.



Positive : Happy and Humoristic

Negative : Abusive by Speech and Less expressive



Positive : Easy Going, influential

Negative: Egoistic, Stubborn, Disobedient



Positive : Righteous,Upright Responsible

Negative : Depressed, Stressful



Positive : Consistent, Patience

Negative - Lazy, Impulsive



Positive - Fearless, Clarity of Mind

Negative - Doubtful, Confused



Positive- Generous, Pure Intention

Negative- Selfish,Cruel

Diagnose a person with Body Symptoms and Emotions both for Curing Health fast.

Yaashh Shah Numerology
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