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Blogbamba brand assets and guidelines
Download official Blogbamba logos, graphics, product screenshots, team photos, and a usage guide to help determine when and how to utilize our brand.
Please don’t use our name, logos, or screenshots in ways that may be confusing, misleading, or suggest our sponsorship, endorsement, or affiliation without our consent.
Blogbamba symbol and logotype
Download vector and .png versions of our symbol and logotype. Please respect our branding guidelines and do not alter the logo in any way—we like it the way it is.
Primary colors
Our color scheme primarily consists of neturals in order to give center-stage to your beautiful visuals. We ocasionally use secondary colors to emphasize certain actions.
Legal disclaimer
By using the Blogbamba trademarks and resources on this site, you agree to follow the Blogbamba Trademark Guidelines in our Brand Guidelines — as well as our Terms of Service and all other Blogbamba rules and policies. If you have any questions, visit our Help Center.
Please submit your request in English (non-English materials must come with translations).